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Buchanan, GA 30113
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The mission of the Haralson County Cooperative Extension Service is to respond to citizens' needs and interest in agriculture and natural resources, families, 4-H and youth through education and information.


The Haralson County Cooperative Extension Service, backed by the resources of Haralson County, the University of Georgia, and the United States Department of Agriculture, provides educational programs, information, and actual assistance to citizens of the County. Education and information is also provided to citizens by telephone consultation, site visits, newsletters, news articles, radio and collaboration with other community agencies. Publications and lab services are other delivery methods for education and information to citizens.


Contact Information
P.O. Box 10
4266 Georgia Highway 120
Buchanan, GA 30113
Phone: (770) 646-2026
Fax: (770) 646-1513

Haralson County Cooperative Extension