Haralson County Board of Commissioners

Commission Office
155 Van Wert Street
Buchanan, GA 30113
Phone: (770) 646-2002
Fax: (770) 646-2035

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Convenience Centers



In order to use the convenience center, you must have a current sticker which you obtain at the Haralson County Board of Commissioner's Office, 155 Van Wert Street, Buchanan, GA 30113. 

The hours of the office are 8:00 am - 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. 

The phone number is 770-646-2002.


The Haralson County Board of Commissioners would like to let the citizens of Haralson County know and understand that the requirements for acquiring a permit for the Haralson County Convenience Centers have changed.  Because of the Service Delivery Strategy, approved by the cities of Haralson County, prices have changed. 


There is only one permit per household available. If you are located in Unincorporated Haralson County or the Cities of Buchanan and Waco, the permit is free.  If you are located in Bremen or Tallapoosa, the cost of the permit is $120.


A replacement tag for either resident, unincorporated or city, is $120.00.


We regret the inconvenience that this will cause to the residents of Haralson County, but the Mayors of Bremen and Tallapoosa opted out of the Haralson County Sanitation costs. If you have any questions concerning service delivery please contact your mayor.



 Convenience Center locations:

Easterwood Rd/Corinth Poseyville Rd, Bremen GA 30110

Helton Road, Bremen, GA 30110

Ball Park Road, Buchanan, GA 30113

Bethlehem Church Road, Buchanan, GA 30113

Macedonia Church Road, Buchanan, GA 30113

Providence Church Road, Tallapoosa, GA 30176

Hours of Operation

Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday

7:00 am-7:00 pm