Haralson County Board of Commissioners.

Commission Office
155 Van Wert Street
Buchanan, GA 30113
Phone: (770) 646-2002
Fax: (770) 646-2035

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Haralson County Fire Department
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Eddie Mixon

Brian Walker
Brian L. Walker

Contact Information
Haralson County Public Safety Complex
224 Holly Street
Buchanan, GA 30113
Phone: (770) 646-2011Fax: (770) 646-2042 Website
Contact Information
Haralson County Fire Department
3977 Georgia Hwy 120
Buchanan, GA 30113
Phone: (770) 646-2036

Animal Control

The Haralson County Animal Control Department and Shelter provide services to the residents of Haralson by picking up and removing stray pets, enforcing animal control laws and providing a place for unwanted and neglected pets to be rescued. Call (770) 646-6622 or email for information.


Visit us on Facebook by searching for: Haralson County-Animal Shelter

Anyone interested in adopting a pet, volunteering or visiting the shelter is welcomed as well as all licensed rescue groups. Please have a current copy of your driver’s license if you wish to adopt a pet. Click here for a list of pets at this shelter

Haralson County Animal Control
1795 Macedonia Church Rd.
Buchanan, GA 30113
Phone: (770) 646-6622

Coroner - Danny Hutcheson

The Coroner's duties and responsibilities as required by law can be divided into three major categories: Investigative, Judicial, and Administrative.

The coroner's major role in a death investigation is to help establish the cause and manner of death. The "cause" is the medical reason the person dies, and the "manner" is whether they died as a result of a homicide, suicide, accident, natural causes, or in an undetermined fashion.

Office: (770) 646-3878 - Fax: (770) 646-8018

County Marshal

The Marshal has the authority to ticket those residents, businesses or visitors to the County that do not comply with codes and ordinances. The following problems fall under the Marshal’s jurisdiction: junk vehicles, litter and garbage, excessive noise, high grass, illegal dumping, illegal home occupations, traffic sight hazards, zoning violations, sign complaints and commercial vehicles in residential areas.

Office: (770) 646-1515 - Fax: (770) 646-2034